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6 Etiquettes When Hiring Limousine Service 


When hiring limousine service, there are etiquettes to consider. Though everybody have the right to please themselves, there are 6 etiquette tips to follow to have fun moment without any hassle.
#1 Safety
First and foremost, you should consider about the safety. This is the top priority for both passengers and driver. Speaking of which, certified companies will not take the risk to transport more persons than the policy states. If you invite more people, it is highly recommended to hire limo that has larger capacity. More space would result in comfort and safety.
#2 Respects
Some people forget about this. Treat the trip with respect and common sense. If you are hiring limousine service for business occasion, it is wise to keep everything in common sense. Regarding to the privacy, it is usually at the chauffer’s obligation to set the privacy windows up or down.
#3 Laws
The basic transportation laws apply to all passengers. Some of the notable laws include underage alcohol drinking and even wave your hands outside the windows. There are some rules that are big no nos. It is important for both driver and passengers acknowledge the laws. Most limousine companies have strict policies. If by any means the customer abuses the rules, they have the right to cancel or terminate the driving without giving any refund.
#4 Mind Your Valuables
It is right when the staff helps you to load and unload the luggage. However, Your goods are your own responsibilities. Don’t leave any valuable when you are not getting on the limo. Limo companies won’t take any responsibility for this.
#5 Gratuity Tip
You have enjoyed the trip and now time to be grateful. A gratuity tip can be 15%-20%. This should be delivered politely. Wrap the fund inside the envelope and hand it to the driver in good manner.
#6 Respect the Company’s Rules
Each limo company has its own rules. It is recommended to read the rules thoroughly before getting on the limo. As I mentioned before, each company has right to cancel the itinerary if the customer disobeys the rules.
There you have it: 6 etiquettes when hiring limousine service. Not only all these etiquettes can be applied to a limousine service, but you can also apply them to any transportation service or even your pal’s car. It will benefit both you and your driver for sure.

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