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Hiring Limousine Buses Faqs

Hiring Limousine/ Buses – FAQs

If you are planning to hire a limo, there will be some questions you want to ask the limo companies. Previous customers possibly requested your questions. Here are some FAQs related to hiring limousines in New Jersey.

Is Stretch limo legal?

Limo companies have licenses so that they can operate. They get the right by careful inspection. They won’t offer an excellent limo service unless their vehicles are legal. Although these vehicles are different from conventional vehicles, they are road legal. So, there is nothing to worry about it.

Do All Limo Drivers Wear Uniforms?

The reputable limo companies obligate their chauffeurs to be well-uniformed and well-groom in business suits. However, in some cases, clients request the company to dress their chauffeurs with a specific outfit that matches the event’s dress code.

Do All Customers Have Privilege Time using the Limo Service?

Yes, customers have the privilege of time, as mentioned in the contract signed by customers and limo providers. The exception is that the customers put the chauffeur in dangerous occurrences (illegal).

Are the Customers able to go wherever they want to?

Yes, they are assuming that every client understands the above condition too. For instance, certain terrains are not recommended to be passed through by the limo, and those places can endanger limo occupants or the vehicle.

Do Chauffeurs Also Help in Carrying Luggage?

In most cases, Yes. The decent limo providers always present a well-mannered chauffeur. Besides driving, they are usually helpful in loading or unloading your luggage into the limo. However, this will only revolve around the pickup points and destination, and it is not an errand over long distances. In this case, you should discuss it with the company.

Can I order the limo to pick up other people for me?

Of course, yes. Limo service is used to pick up and drop folks within the service period.

Is the chauffeur responsible for the route plan?

Absolutely. This is something that makes your overall event easier. It would help if you told the chauffeur where you want to go, and he will plan the best route to reach the destination on time.

‘They are also adaptable to any special request like detour or so. If you want to see some views before reaching the destination, they can take you to the most incredible places, and you will not get lost.

Can I do everything inside the limo?

Yes, as long as you respect rules like smoking or eating in the vehicle. Each limo company has different directions; you may ask the company in advance.

Posted: 18.01.2022

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